We recognize the importance of keeping children safe. Each day many children get sick unnecessarily because they do not know how and when to wash their hands. The hand washing activity kit teaches hand-washing skills that will help protect each child for a lifetime. Kin-to Kid Connection was developed to keep kids safe and help them connect with the people who care for them. We may not be able to prevent every child from catching a cold or other illness but we want to prevent the illnesses we can – by working together.

Good hand hygiene – washing hands – is essential to a healthy life. The one simple act of good handwashing can build a lifetime of health. However, too few children (or adults) are taught how to effectively wash their hands – and have fun doing it.

The Kin-to-Kid Connection Handwashing activity kit is a complete handwashing curriculum and skill building exercise in a box.

The kit includes:

Germ Juice™- A germ emulating substance that fluoresces (lights up) under ultraviolet light

UV illuminator – An ultraviolet pen that lights up the “germs”

DVD – which includes preparation and activity execution videos, printable handouts, and the handwash-ing song.

Develop health habits for a lifetime with the children you care about. Each kit has enough product to teach approximately 50 kids. Additional product is available