We have sat down several times to play cards with our 10 year old, W, using the Kin-to-Kid Connection Child Safety Cards.  We often play War and every time we would have a war we would discuss the safety tip on the card that caused the war.  What a great opportunity to bring up topics that need to be brought to the child’s attention.  Some were good reminders and some were ones that we may have never discussed.

I was a little confused at first about the dice option for the cards, but once I thought about it I thought it was brilliant!  I remember wanting to play games with my older son when my younger son was just a tot, and choosing games that did not have dice involved because of the choking hazard of dice.  That would have been a great alternative to dice for some of those games had I had these cards at that time.

The children’s drawings on the cards were a visual that the child could relate to rather than a stodgy old queen or king on the card!
JG (Indiana, 2016)