Want to Connect? It’s In the Cards

It started as a frustration.  Terri saw kids and parents in a pediatric hospital together, but they were in their own worlds.  The kids were playing video games or watching TV.  The parents were scrolling through stuff on their phone.  At the same time, the parents sometimes didn’t know how to keep their kids safe […]


  We have sat down several times to play cards with our 10 year old, W, using the Kin-to-Kid Connection Child Safety Cards.  We often play War and every time we would have a war we would discuss the safety tip on the card that caused the war.  What a great opportunity to bring up topics […]

What’s next at Kin-to-Kid

We recognize the importance of keeping children safe. Each day, many children get sick unnecessarily because they do not know how and when to wash their hands. The hand washing activity kit teaches hand-washing skills that will help protect each child for a lifetime. Kin-to Kid Connection was developed to keep kids safe and help […]

About Us

We are the parents of 7 children, aged 14 to 26, and one daughter-in-law. Two dogs add to the family to complete the love and chaos of life. It is safe to say our life is anything but quiet and peaceful. It is also true to say we really would not want it any other […]

Child Safety Cards

The Kin-to-Kid child safety playing cards and dice alternative are a set of playing cards with safety tips based on Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) guidelines. These tips are combined with child artwork to help instill important safety messages to kids and their kin alike. A die face is […]