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Get rid of all the cards in your hand into the discard pile by matching the number or suite of the top card of the discard pile

Set up:

Deal 8 cards to each player.

Place remainder of the cards in the middle of the playing field turning the top card over and placing next to stack of cards.

Playing the Game: 

Beginning with the player to the dealers left each player either plays a card matching the number or suite  of the top card on the discard pile or draws a card from the pile.

  1. If the top card on the discard pile is not an eight, the player may play any card which matches the rank or suite of the previous card (for example if the top card is a jack of clubs you may play a jack or any club)
  2.  Eights are wild cards and can be played on any card, the person who plays the eight must “name” the new suite
  3. If an eight is on top of the discard pile, you must play either another eight or any card of the suite named by the person who played the eight


The first player who gets rid of all their cards wins, and the other players score penalty points according to the cards they have left in their hands – 50 for an eight, 10 for a jack, queen, and king, number cards are worth their face value.


If the stock pile is exhausted, the discarded pile except the top card is shuffled and used as the stock pile.

Play it with our Child Safety Deck