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2 to 6 players

Requires one deck of cards; does not use joker


Collect the most sets of four matching cards

Set up

Deal 5 cards to each player if 3-5 people are playing

Deal 7 cards to each player if 2 people are playing

Spread remaining cards on table face down to make fishing pond.

Playing the Game

Choose the player to go first.

On each turn, ask a specific player for a specific card by number; “Rob, do you have any 3’s?”.  You have to have a least one of the cards you are requesting in your hand.

If the player asked has any of the requested card they give all of that card to the person asked.

The turn continues until the person asked does not have the requested card.

At that point the person draws a card from the “Go Fish! pond”.  If they draw the requested card their turn continues.  If not it is the next person’s turn.

If you obtain a set of 4; turn them face up on the table.

The game continues until one of the players runs out of cards.


The person with the most sets of 4 matching cards wins the game