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2 to 6 players


Play all the cards in your hand


Select a dealer; shuffle cards and deal to each player:

  • Deal 10 cards each; with two players
  • Deal 7 cards each, with three to four players
  • Deal 6 cards each, with five or six players

Cards that are not dealt to players are placed face down in a pile in the middle of the table to form a draw pile.  The top card on the draw pile is turned over next to draw card.  This card becomes the discard pile.

Playing the Game:

On each turn, the player follows this sequence:

  1. Draw one card from the top of the draw pile or the discard pile.
    • If the player picks up the top card of the discard pile, they may not discard the same card at the end of their turn.
  2. Play (or choose not to play) a meld of cards (see meld below) or add to other players melds.
  3. Discard one card by placing face up on top of the discard pile.  If the player melds all their cards they are not required to discard a card

If the draw pile is used up; shuffle all the cards in the discard pile except for the top one to form a new draw pile


A meld of cards contains one of two options

  1. A group, also called a book, of three or four cards of the same number
    • 2 of hearts, 2 of clubs, 2 of diamonds…………
  2. A sequence, also called a run, of three or more consecutive cards of the same suit.  The ace is always the low card in a sequence.
    • 5 of hearts, 6 of hearts, 7 of hearts………..
  3. To play on another players meld place the additional card/cards in front of the person playing the card
    • place 2 of spades in front of current player
    • play 4 of hearts or 8 of hearts in front of current player

Going Out:

A player goes out (rummy) if they play all of their cards through melding and discarding in a single play.  There are no cards left in that players hand.  All points are doubled for that hand.


Aces = 1 point

Number cards = face value

Face cards= 10 points


The first player to reach a predetermined score (100) or having the highest score after a predetermined number of hands played is the winner.


Ace can be high or low – some families play that the ace can be either a high or low card.  This would allow sequences of ace, two, three and queen, king, ace.  If playing the ace in the queen, king, ace the point value becomes = 15 points.