Like you we’re always looking for new ways to impact the community in a positive way.  That’s why we created our products — to make an impact.  You want to make an impact in the communities that you serve.  We can partner with you to deliver content that helps to engage kids and their families in conversation and to help keep them safe — while promoting your organization. 

The Kin-to-Kid Connection child safety cards are designed to be customized with your logo and branding. The cards allow you to establish yourself as the preeminent way to provide care for the children in your community. Custom versions of the deck include your logo and branding on the back of the cards as well as the card case. With minimum orders as low as 2,000 decks of cards and prices starting at $3.00 per deck, you can make a serious impact to your community for a minimal investment.

In addition, in the customized decks you can add one card to the deck to explain your services, your mission, or communicate additional information that may be relevant. You don’t need any graphics design skill to do the customization. You provide the logo and information that you want and we’ll send proofs to you for approval. Nothing could be simpler — or more impactful. Check out the playing cards.

Customized decks must be ordered via phone at 317-572-5310 or by contacting us at