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Our mission is to impact the way families relate and communicate while reducing the frequency of childhood injuries.

We recognize the need for families to find ways to develop relationships and communicate in this fast paced electronic world. Each week we painfully observe parents playing on their cell phones and children are playing on their phones and games at the same time.  They are together in the same space yet  they are really in their own separate worlds. This phenomena can be seen in hospitals, restaurants, and just about anywhere families are gathered.   We’re looking for ways to help families connect so we’ve created the Kin-to-Kid brand.


The Kin-to-Kid child safety deck provides the opportunity for children and their loved ones to play cards and talk. Once the conversations begin, the sharing of each other’s life begins. The hints and images on the Child Safety cards provide topics that can start conversation and help everyone learn new ways to be safer.

We can’t prevent every child from being hurt but we want to prevent the injuries we can — by working together.

Purchase the cards for yourself from our store.