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War is a two player game that requires no special skills or strategy


Win all the cards in the deck


Shuffle cards and deal all the cards face down so each player has their own pile

Playing the game:

Each player turns over their top care at the same time.  The player who plays the highest card wins the pair.  (Ace is the highest card, followed by king, queen, jack, ten….. 2 is the lowest card)  The winner of the turn takes the cards and places them face down on the bottom of their pile.

If both players play the same card…. each player places three cards face down and turns the forth card face up.  the player with the higher of these cards takes all 10 card that have been played.  If these two cards are also the same, additional cards are turned face up, one at a time, until one player winds, that player takes the entire set of cards.


The first player to win the entire deck of cards is the winner.