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Handwashing Kit -coming Spring 2016

Good hand washing is one of the most important things we can do to prevent getting sick. Sorrowfully too few children (and adults) know how to wash their hands effectively. The Kin to Kid Hand Washing Activity Kit includes everything you need to teach approximately 50 children (or adults) to effectively wash their hands and have fun doing it.

The kit includes:

DVD – Instructions for preparation and execution of hand washing activity, printable handouts explaining information about gross germs and why washing your hands keeps you healthy, kid friendly video about washing hands and the Wash your Hands song.

Germ Juice™ – A germ emulating substance that fluoresces (becomes visible) with ultraviolet light to let kids evaluate their hand washing skills and “see” germs on their hands

UV illuminator- An ultraviolet light that makes the “germs” in the Germ Juice™ visible

Use the Kin to Kid Hand Washing Activity Kit to develop healthy habits for a lifetime with the children you care about!